Warrior is a melee nuke class with ability to deal wide area damage with Greatsword.

  • Damage ( 70% )
  • Survibility ( 60% )
  • Speed ( 60% )
  • Control ( 40% )
Create Your WARRIOR

  • Signature Skills
  • Normal Skills
Icon Name Type Information
Counter Defend Parry an enemy attack, Sucessful parry allow warrior to counter attack.
Fanatic Slash Active Triple attack, deal damage and fell attacked enemy on Third attack.
Whirlwind Active Continue sword spin, dealing damage to surrounding enemies each hit.
Seismic Slam Active Create seismic waves in front of you dealing damage and push enemy back.
Up Haven Active Instantly deal damage and uplift attacked enemy.
Renewal Passive Health regenarate increase.
Low Sweep Passive Grants a chance that an attack will fell an enemy when attack.
Icon Name Type Information
Health Boost Passive Increase Maximum Health
Mana Pool Passive Increase Maximum Mana
Weapon Mastery Passive Increase Power
Armor mastery Passive Increase Defend
Luck Passive Increase Critical Chance
Esprit Passive Increase Wisdom