ARCHER / Range Dealer

Archer is sustained damage dealer. dealing rapid damage and harassing with bow and arrows.

  • Damage ( 80% )
  • Survibility ( 40% )
  • Speed ( 70% )
  • Control ( 50% )
Create Your ARCHER

  • Signature Skills
  • Normal Skills
Icon Name Type Information
Retreat Defend Instantly Jump backward.
Double Shot Active Repidly fire double arrows.
Stun Shot Active Fire impact arrow that cause stun and deal damage.
Arrow Volley Active Drop plentifully arrows from the sky.
Penentrating Active Charge and fire an arrow, push back and deal damage.
Longshot Passive Increase Bow attack range.
Restraning Arrow Passive Increase arrow push range.
Icon Name Type Information
Health Boost Passive Increase Maximum Health
Mana Pool Passive Increase Maximum Mana
Weapon Mastery Passive Increase Power
Armor mastery Passive Increase Defend
Luck Passive Increase Critical Chance
Esprit Passive Increase Wisdom